"Giotto Roussies comes from a family of artists and is himself a true artist as a jazz pianist! His stylistic range is extensive, from stride to bebop to avant-garde, no form of expression is foreign to him. His piano sound is magical, he sings and swings and every note has a meaning! He sometimes shows a downright satie-esque humor and whenever I hear him, I immediately have a smile on my lips because every note touches me. Giotto is one of the few who really cultivate the art of being in the moment, in music as well as in life. To hear him makes me happy!" - HUBERT NUSS 


New Album coming soon:

Giotto Roussies Trio"Quero Alegria"

“With admirable ease, the Giotto Roussies Trio have joined the ranks of great artists… self-confident and natural, with the infinite lightness of play…”- GAG Imobilien Kulturkirche Köln Ost

Photo credits and copyright: Thilo Schmülgen

Awash with a subtle and harmonious interplay of colours and tones, one could think that these three musicians have been playing together all their lives. This is almost true: Giotto and Eddie grew up and took the first steps of their musical careers together. Torben, who later joined them in their studies in Amsterdam and Cologne, fits effortlessly into the musical space, giving creative impulses and weaving a dialogue with Giotto’s meandering arcs of tension on the piano.


The trio ties in with jazz tradition, offering their own original compositions and interpreting jazz standards skillfully and unpretentiously. The result is a rich palette of moody beauty, with alternating storms and calm, anchored in a constant sense of well-being.

Giotto Roussies: Piano, Composition
Torben Schug: Double Bass
Eddie Jensen: Drums
The pianist Giotto Roussies half French, half Austrian, was born and raised in a community of artists in Vienna. As a child he travelled a lot through Europe before receiving his jazz education in Portugal by a Jazz Master Educator named Ze Eduardo and beginning his career as a pianist at the early age of 14. 
Even before his studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, he toured Europe with the Baby Jazz Band, for whom he also worked as a composer and arranger, and played in Portugal as a sideman in various smaller formations and a big band. From 2007-2012, he studied jazz piano in Cologne and graduated with top marks. Since then he has been pursuing his own projects, teaching and composing.
Since 2015 he has had a regular engagement at the Piano Bar at the Cologne/Bonn Airport where he presents his music to travellers.

Other Releases:

191111_Albumcover_Giotto Roussies_Ansich

Giotto Roussies- Piano/Composition 
David Helm - Double Bass 
Ramon Keck - Drums 

Elisabeth Coudoux - Viloncello

Heiko Bidmon -  Bass Clarinet

Lennart Schnitzler - Trumpet

"Dreamlike pictures of experiential Landscapes combined with the density of abstract elements, experimental jazz and free improvisations. The possibilities of this rare instrumentation are beautifully explored and merge into a unique band sound"
Solo Piano:
Trying Not Too Hard
Giotto Roussies- Piano

"His improvisations are playful. Like a river of cascades, one emerges from the other. Emerging moods invite us to forget thinking and to surrender to this flow. 

Sometimes lingering in silence on a chord, sometimes being carried away by a stream of phrases and arpeggios, the wave of feeling and tonal premonitions culminates in a swinging melody or a bluesy groove that says: "I am here - there I am!"