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For the last few months of 2020, during the pandemic, when making a living through performing wasn't possible, I was lucky to receive a support scholarship by the state NRW to do musical research that lead me to go on a deep and joyful musical discovery trip that resulted in a little book of 30+ pages here presented!

Questioning and creating drills and formulas systematically have always been part of my practice with the Piano. But now, with not much else to do and that I got official support for it I could go all the way and document it, so that now other people can partake in this adventure.

My main focus in this research is 12 tone music and the generation of musical material, but since I am a trained Jazz musician you will find many crossings, derivation, interpretation, inspirations and applications coming from the perspective of a composing and performing Jazz artist. Many of the Ideas came out of a playful and practice oriented environment and can thus not be regarded fully consequent or theoretically bulletproof.
However I hope some of it will prove to be inspiring or useful to others with a similar path and musical horizon.

Please feel free to download the PDF and consider to donate via

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